Diablo GTX


• Insulated, waterproof Gore-Tex upper keeps feet warm and dry
• Slightly roomier fit accommodates thicker winter socks
• Competition MTB Sole
• Four Velcro® straps
• Optional toe spikes


Sizes 39-50

If you’re in for a wet winter, you’ll want a pair of Diablo GTX boots for those long wintertime rides and commuting runs. An insulated, fully waterproof Gore-Tex upper keeps your feet warm; the Competition MTB Sole and optional toe spikes gives your feet traction when you have to hoof it. Keep your feet happy racking up miles on those lonely winter training missions, the ones that separate the hard riders from the fair weather cyclists. Make wintertime your fun time, and keep your hard-earned fitness from fall to spring.



Image of Bootie test machine

Winter Tech

Diablo GTX and Hydro GTX employ a four-layer upper for optimal durability, weatherproofing and winter comfort. They feature, from the outside in:

• Tough exterior of Lorica® panels and breathable heavy-duty nylon inserts

• Seamless inner Gore-Tex® bootie for waterproof, breathable comfort

• Light insulating layer

• Soft inner liner


The gusseted upper fits snugly around the ankle, creating a waterproof barrier where ordinary shoes would allow water to enter the shoe around the tongue.

Winter Tip

For optimal comfort and performance the wide neoprene-and-Velcro® strap must be snug around the ankle, with tights or rain pants tucked around the outside of the boot.


The Gore-Tex® bootie is completely waterproof, so if water gets into the shoes—either from a loosely secured ankle cuff, or it’s wicked in by tights or rain pants tucked into the bootie—that water remains trapped inside the shoe. In that event your feet will probably stay warm, but they’ll be wet for the duration of the ride.


Gore certification isn’t for everyone— you have to adhere to rigorous test standards for immersion, pressure, and other parameters that add up to dry winter comfort. Our Diablo GTX and Hydro GTX boots are more than up to the task. And we have the machine to prove it.